"... As if looking into wood grain, you discover hidden pictures. A certain innocence must be assumed to discover these hidden images which shock, tantalize and amuse. Memories of a child's first sight of Hieronymus Bosch might be aroused, or of those moments in your youth when the focused contemplation of the intricacies and details of nature fascinated an innocent curiosity. Amidst the myriad illusive images interwoven, a large standing female figure flickers in and out of focus. Finally the eye, climbing through the totemic arrangement of picture parts, alights on the bovine aloft, emerging from the "grain," and the jade orb is recognized as the moon.

The genesis of his style did not come through painting explorations but rather as a more appropriate form of expression than the carving he had been doing earlier, when he sold six sculptures of "whales, dolphins, etc." to the international organization Greenpeace.

Indeed, the experience which Tim Mahurin's paintings convey is much like how he remembers his youth, wandering amongst tidal pools on the seacoast and searching for fossils in the desert. It is the spontaneous excitement which accompanies the surprise of discovery."

-Scot Borofsky, Gallery Walk Magazine