When we make pinch pots we think of the first pots that were ever made, the pinch pots that sustained human life every day. They stored food, water, and practically everything that people consumed. The pinch pot was vital for human survival. There are few potters today who carry on this tradition of pinching and its function in everyday life.

Throughout time, pots tell stories of the people that created them and the cultures they lived in. In the beginning of pottery, pots told the story of life's simplicity and harmony with the earth. Years passed and the human way of life changed dramatically. Today our culture exists with mass production, mass consumption, and the separation of our lives from nature. Our culture is flooded with industrial pottery, disconnected from the artistic and natural aspects of pottery-making.

With our pots we share a story of nature and time. When you hold a piece in your hands, we want you to reflect on the journey of the pot, from the weathering of granite, to the sediments carried through glaciers, rivers, and streams, to the clay deposited throughout the land. Imagine our hands pinching and stretching the clay, and feeding the fire as it flows around each pot. We hope that you are able to connect with us through our pots and see the importance of nature in all of our lives. We want you to understand our roots in clay and how important it is for human survival. Through pinch potting, we bring awareness to the simple, slow, flowing rhythms of the earth. We share this almost lost way of life, where clay is formed by hand and the creator's spirit exists through the art.

Price Range: $24-$120