Naomi has developed a line of colored clay items which are intended for daily use as well as for rituals and celebrations. The technique involves layering colored clay into a block. Patterns are created by pressing tools down into the block and then slicing it, or rolling out the layered colored clay, incising it and rolling it flat again to create a multi-dimensional effect. The flat clay is then hand-constructed into pieces that are tactile, useful and decorative.

Movement and flow is the main feeling that Naomi strives to communicate in her work. Her inspiration is drawn from her love of dance, patterns in the natural world, the movement of water, waves and shells. She uses the lines that occur from the cross-section of the layered block as a starting point for creating designs. It combines the spontaneity of the process with a sense of order.

L to R: curves and waves vase.$145, Curves and waves plate.$65, pinchbox $80, Tree Vases $75-105-165, 3 Nesting Bowls Set $245, wind and tree bowl $400, 3 Vases $65-120-140, Leaf Platter $225, Tapestry Tray $145