Mark Douglas began drawing nine years ago. The resulting body of work has gone through some metamorphoses in subject matter and tone, depending on the shifting waters of intuition.

 The earlier phase drew on Tantric imagery, characters and symbolism seen in the Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas.

These characters find their way into the more recent biblical, apocalyptic series. The artist here references alchemical etchings fro the 16th and 17th centuries, Masque faces reminiscent of Viennese Carnival, saints from the medieval tradition of Christianity, and the King James version of the Christian Bible. The entire soup is a recipe for a complex expression of the fears, exaltations, and dramas of the collective unconscious of our present times,flavored with an ever present spice of humor.
Suzanne Corsano, Gallery in the Woods

Stay tuned for a complete archive of Mark's work as we build the site. Here are the  titles of the work we have photographed:

Apocalypse Television Cabinet: the astrological pictogram of the   apocalypse. (You don't even have to turn on the TV.SC)
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Table and Cabinet
Santiago Matamoros Writing Desk: Saint James is honored as the Patron Saint  of Alchemy and Spain, along with Archangel Michael
St Michael locks the Devil in a Box: Box
Jonah and the Whale: Bedside table.

Drawings and Paintings:
5 Circles: 5 Elements of Tantric Ritual
Jacob's Ladder: Dream at Bethel, Angels ascending and Descending
Kristos in Limbo: Christ Freeing Old Testament Figures from Hell
Wretched Man That I am, Who Shall Deliver Me From this Body of Death: Roman's 7:24, from traditional illustrations
O Brutish Man Like Unto a Frog: From 19th Century Engraving, Poet Anon.