The ink drawings or ink paintings which I am currently working on continue a series which began early in 2002. My focus or subject matter is most often a person or singular element such as a fruit or a hand tool, isolated and presented in a dramatic, somewhat baroque light.

 I enjoy working on a larger-than-life scale where painting process becomes a more physical and experiential activity.

My expectation is for the viewer to engage and “understand” the image from a distance, but also be drawn in for closer inspection to view, on a purely visual abstract level, the surface texture of marks, in splatters, drips and tonal modulations.

Left to right: Baseball. Ink on Yupo. 30X30. $2300.   Chair. Ink on Yupo. 30X30. $2300. 

At The Piano.  Archival Print. Unframed. 21X30. $250. Glider. Archivsl Print available.