Jose Benitez Sanchez has revived and maintained a teaching tradition linking spiritual art and practice for the Huichol community. He is the foremost living yarn painter of these times.

I have exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Washington, Chicago, Sacramento, San Jose, Berkeley, and Los Angeles. I have also shown my work in Canada and Europe. An original work has value because it is the respiration of a mind, a recognition obtained from a persons sacrifice, from a sacred places as if my memory comes to me through my ancestral gods. I always talk about the body of the world. And the fact is, we each have the body of the world every speck, every small hair contains the face of the gods.

"These fleeting visions are of the Huichol world as it came into creation in a mystical natural environment that has no boundaries between the present and the ancestral past. It is the otherworldly visions, triggered by the use of the sacred peyote cactus,which inspires shaman-artists to paint in yarn."

Peter Furst, curator, University of Pennsylvania Museum