SURREAL SHOES, Assemblage,Painting,WallDolls

I see a shoe as a kind of fetish, because it has a presence, and the power to protect and transport us.  Since I was a very young child I have looked at shoes and found them looking back at me, each pair with its own personality and facial expression.    When shoes are lined up near a door or in a closet, they are trusty steeds, waiting to serve. Mouths yawning open, they sometimes look sleepy or grouchy; sometimes they look like they are singing.  They are like a species of beings made entirely of pairs of identical twins.

Left to Right (Shoes): Arcade Oracle.  Blood of a Reptile (detail). National Treasure. S&M Sea Monsters. Shimmer. AAh. Amber. Goal Oriented. Golfers. Greatest Show on Earth. Simian Girl. Vine and Dandy. Candy Apple Red. Children of the Night. Hungry Ghosts.

Price Range: $850-$1200please inquire for prices of Gwen"s current collection:




I am interested in the vulnerability of humans and other beings, and in the humor and pathos that arise from this vulnerability.  I see humor and pathos not as opposites, but as complimentary modes of exploring this theme.  I aspire to make pieces that are both expressive and surprising. 


LEFT TO RIGHT,WALLDOLLS: Childhood; acryl on canvas. 38X42.$3,000.  Mercury 13;bathroom scale,ash clay; $750.  Hey,Y'All Prepare Yourself; Wall Doll detail; $900.  Raquel ( Detail) Vintage Racquet; $950.  Monsieur Cravat; Wall Doll; $600. Wavy gravy Wall Doll;$900.  Venice, Florida; acryl. on canvas. $1000.  Red Buddha; Wall Doll.  Mind Boggle; acryl. on panel $550.  Faye Canoes ( Fake News Series); acryl. on panel; $600.  Delilah Wall Doll; $850. Ollie Wall Doll (detail) $850