Gallery 1: GUELAGUETZA GRAFICA : Woodcuts from the Printing Cooperatives of Oaxaca Mexico

The artists of Oaxaca have worked to organize the 16 woodcut printmaking studios in the city to work as a cooperative whole. Central Oaxaca is a beehive, and with the support of the city the studios are making a living, garnering international shows. Every studio is a teaching workshop, and apprentices often help to make  the woodcuts and execute the printing. Some prints are wallsized—6 feet by 8 feet--- requiring several helpers to roll and print. Equipment and presses are shared, in the principle of Guelaguetza, or community spirit, inherited from the tribal villages, and a keynote of Oaxacan life. The graphic scene in was fledged by the philanthropy of Oaxacan artist FranciscoToledo with the establishment of a free art school for gifted tribal kids 15 or 20 years ago. The movement is political, urban, young, and energetic. In addition to gallery images, artists identify as activists by posting broadsides on the fronts of the stucco buildings (also available for sale), or making banners for parades and protests. Several artists are represented in this collection of work. Opening May 3rd and ongoing.

 LEFT TO RIGHT: Israel Salceedo.Canto Al Agave. Woodcut 2018 38X45 framed. $600, Leon Arrazola.Movimiento del Alma. Woodcut.22X27.5 framed.22X27.5 $375, Frederico Toledo Valdez. Woodcut series: all B&W $375 each 16.75X20.25 framed:Conejo.Culebra.DiabloyAgave.Gator.Jarate.Python.Love Poem., Daniel Barraza. Dormiendo Sobre Dios.15X13.5 $325 Framed Lithograph, Color. Posters:Leon Arrazola ( more available) $32 each