DENISE BEAUDET: Roots to Resistance Benefit Show

 Akin to the indigenous and folk artists in the worlds she explores, Denise Beaudet works in strong color and simplicity of gaze.Roots to Resistance is a public art installation of twelve, eight foot portraits of women activists from across the globe, displayed to create a connection for the viewer to the pathways of social change; to imagine themselves stepping forward to make change in their own communities.

By partnering with 50+ international organizations, the project has sent postcards and street postering materials across the globe, and these will be available free of charge, at the gallery. November 1 to Jan 31

We have cropped the images for formatting.The originals a full body portraits, eight feet tall.Contact the Gallery for  images. Poster prints are available for sale. All proceeds donated.



Left to Right:AungSanSuuKyi, Berta Caceres, Chouchou Namegabe, Frances Crowe, Malalai Joya,  Natalia Estimarova, Razan Ghazzawi, Rebecca Gomperts, Shireen Issawi, Wangari Maathai, Yvonne Margarula, Zapastista Woman

This installation is available for our space after January 31. Postcards for your representatives are available here free of charge.