Gallery 4: Mayan Tapestry : Mayan Tapestry : Paintings from the Art Community of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Curated in Guatemala by Lorna and Imre Kepes, this show features paintings from Lake Atitlan. 

Many of the artists draw upon the colorful patterns of the traditional textiles of the region and their rich natural environment and are also known for their unique art naif style. The show includes a diverse collection of works exploring connective threads between the deep roots of this ancient culture and its ability to adapt and survive.
In Mayan Cosmology, the Goddess Ixchel - the weaver, is believed to hold the world together and maintain the continuum with her weaving. The Mayan Calendar recognizes change and the cyclical nature of life.  In light of these profound systems of thought, the exhibition poses the question: How can the way of life, essential values and timeless wisdom of ancient cultures survive globalization?


Left to Right: Fire Ceremony.24X32, Andres Rocche, Girl with Bords,24X31. Juan Edwin Perez, Ixchil,20X15. Henry Mendez Chavajay,Cosmos, 32X29. Mario Gonzalez Chavanay,Vida,20X30. Andres Rocche, Girl With Water Jars,14X17.5. Olivia Toc Cholotio,Corn,12X27. Otoniel Chavajay,Harvesting Corn, 14X14. Vicente Puzul,Virgin,10X13.