Gallery 4: Dana Wigdor : “Journey to Alpha Selona”


Wigdor’s surreal, transparent compositions depict alternative worlds. This yearlong project was sparked by the artists link to an ancestor from the 1700’s, lost in a shipwreck. Eight successive, narrative oil paintings describe a flight through an imaginary solar system, symbolic of the non-rational immersion many artists experience through the stuff of the painting process itself.  

” How does a story become embedded in the skin of an oil painting? ….there must be a reenactment of the atmosphere and the events themselves, in the turbulence of painting. 

I poured loose glazes over the canvases horizontally on a table. There was gas and dust, intense heat and frigid bleakness – infinite”DW


Left to Right:(all oil on canvas) 1.More Than You Know.2017.36X36.$3,500, 2.The Comic The Poet The Exile.2017.36X60.$5,500., 3.Here in the Solar Wind. 36X36.$3500.2017, 5.First View:The Incident Horizon.36X36.2017$3500, 6.The Interior of One.36X27.5.2017.$3000, 7.Arrival to Alpha Selona.36X60.2018 $5,500, 8.Incarnation. 36X36.2019 $5,500 9.The Phantom Shippe 2015. $2500