NANCY HAYES: The Parallel Universe of Nancy Hayes.

 Hayes brings her “Edge” series of small, affordable paintings that can be randomly arranged in a series, previewing a larger presentation in June. Explosive and playful color and design, derived from organic cellular forms and interwoven patterns in a strong  color palette.  

"Painting permits direct access into my own personal laboratory where I develop forms and visual landscapes built from my imagination. I work with color, line, pattern and shape, arranging and rearranging until I am inspired to elaborate on a composition, going deeper into its texture, its biology.

For over twenty five years, prior to painting, I worked in clay as a ceramic sculptor. Restricted by technical limitations, I felt that I was working at the edges of what I am capable of inventing. Painting allows me to be as honest as possible as a visual artist. It is a forum where I can be the designer, color theorist, and inventor, giving form to my creativity."

Left to Right:Acrylic on Board. The Edge Series, 1-10, each 12"X12" , $875 each.   Transitional Spaces 3 Diptych, 2feetX4feet, $4000.  Rhythm,24"X24",$2,000.