Tribal Art Collected from the Studios of Mexico's Internationally Collected Master Crafts Men and Women


Huichol Sacred Yarn Paintings from Nayarit: “These fleeting visions are of the Huichol world as it came into creation in a mystical natural environment that has no boundaries between the present and the ancestral past.

It is the otherworldly visions, triggered by the use of the sacred peyote cactus,which inspires shaman-artists….to paint in yarn”

Peter Furst, curator, University of Pennsylvania Museum


And Alebrijes: Fantastical one of a kind carved and intricately painted animals from the studios Zapotec artists of the Oaxaca Valley. About 100, one of a kind pieces, large and small, were collected this year during a month-long curating trip. Ongoing.

All Yarn Paintings 2'X2", All $425

Left to Right: Blue Deer,Corn Ceremony,Night Ceremony,Prayers and Offerings, Transformation Healing,The Peyote Hunt,Prayer Aroes and Offerings (round)

Alebrijes: L to R:  Sergio Santiago. Owl 14". $375, Zenyand Reina Fuentes. Storytelling Wolf.14".$400, Susano Morales,Ibex,14",$350