Self contained abstract forms from a fine point filigree with a Zen-like sense of organic movement and intrinsic form reminiscent of free jazz: just beyond the rational.For Ed Kingsbury, the act of making drawings has been a defining and healing force. Catapulted by a painful and incurable illness overturning his life, he turned to prayer and constant,meditative drawing in finepoint pen, transforming physical and emotional pain into a work of inspiration. The disciplined, rhythmic thread of unbroken lines move in and out of suggested form, like a flock of birds catching wind, just beyond the rational, inviting our imagination to take flight. The scale of the drawings has increased as Kingsbury developed skill during the past decade. They elude definition of genre, displayed as abstract art  at university galleries and museums, and as Outsider Art in venues in the United States and Europe. For this show Ed presents his latest large scale work, and  some new exploration using color layering and brushwork. 


Photo Caption: 

Finding the Holy Spirit (findingtheholyspirit.jpg)

Detail of Drawing: (Kingsbury_detail.jpg)

Limomisfarnifo: (limomisfarnifo.jpg)