Summer Show: The Friars Journey


Gallery in the Woods celebrates Nature, Life, and Spirit with an installation from the mystical “Friars” series of oil paintings from David Addison Small.

"Open the windows, study light, to picture the dark in its gentle depth. With the clouds through the skies of day and night, find faces embodying dreams. Be young, anticipate everything. See nothing, not understanding incidents but still able to breathe the benevolence that derives from it."

Ernst Fuchs from "The Grafic Work" 1980

David has been a mentor and professor at Mass Art, a resident artist at the Boston Center for the Arts for the past 24 years and currently teaches Junior High Art in the south Boston public schools.

He returns for a midwinter show with this series of layered oils executed in the glazed and,layered Mische technique.

David studied with Ernst Fuchs,Wang Hui-Ming and Gregory Gillespie. This series continues in the phantastic realist vein, with allusions to Italian  Renaissance fresco, Persian miniature, and Taoist landscape .A vein of whispered stories inhabits the journey of a posse of friars under skies  undulating with visions and the huge presence of the natural world.

LEFT TO RIGHT: all oil on canvas or board: Arrived.16X13, Duet.19x17, Friar in Birches.30X20, Rendezvous.27X39, Morning Fire Friars.15X17, Respite.16X20, Stone Sanctuary. 28X34, Traverse.14X17, Where the Water Falls.28X34 ,Big Sur.