Gallery 1:  Richard Heller,New Paintings in Oil


The current paintings explore two themes, an interest in pattern and why we are wired in such a way as to be attracted to it and a way to make paintings that are improvisational and carry the immediacy of the creative process.  I like to think of painting as a tool for visualization, communication and expression.

I start using rubber stamps composed of simple geometric shapes.  In some cases I use tessellation.  In most cases I continue to layer the work to create dense surfaces that can hint at space and depth and but still bring the viewer back to textural elements.  While I could point to interests in the sciences, much of the process always comes down to the piece and the possibilities of expression that spontaneously arise from the process. 

In some of the works an image is exploredothers are abstract works; they are dense, chaotic at times, rhythmic at others, and suggest a world never at rest, in that sense I look for some structure in an anxious and restless world.

Richard Heller


Left to Right: 

Before the Storm.(detail) 24X54 inches . $3500

Untitled Landscape. 25X23 $1150

Broken Fragment. 18X18 $795

Framed Fragment 3 18X18. $795

Framed Fragment 2 18X18 $795

Framed Fragment 1 18X18. $795

The Slow Death of Reason 48X48. $4500

Obstructed View 18X18 $795

Circle in 4 Directions 36X48 $3500

Eclipse (split Circle) 36X48 $3500

Untitled Crowd Scene  36X48 $3500

Undercurrent 36X48 $3500